2-Nodes docker swarm

I manage a 2-nodes docker swarm cluster with a lot of services, included a self-hosted gitlab instance, more than half a dozen discord bots, an url shortener, multiple websites (including this one), and other services. I handle back ups, updates, firewall, and everything that is needed to keep the cluster running. is a discord bot creation service for special needs. We also build free public discord bots, like ChatCop.


ChatCop is an advanced AI moderation bot designed to keep your Discord server safe and engaged. Discover cutting-edge moderation technology with ChatCop.


Botator is an AI verified discord bot that can chat with you and a lot more! Made in Python with the PyCord library. Uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5 API to generate text.


FABLE is a This repository containing a software that connects a whole bunch of scripts and tools together to automate the process of generatig unlimited youtube videos from a given channel subject/theme. It handles everything from creating the script, to generating the video, to uploading it to YouTube as well as creating the thumbnail and the description. The only needed manual work is to make the video public on the YouTube Studio interface, because YouTube doesn't allow to do it with the open tier of their API. is a website in english and french all about electronics and 3d printing. It has a lot of tutorials and guides, as well as some reviews and projects. There are now different authors writing articles for the website. is a Swiss website built for a client. Its goal is to summarize judgments of the Swiss Federal Court in an sms' length. It is built with wordpress with custom css and javascript, to allow the client to easily update the website.


Presentator is a discord bot that can create full customizable powerpoints. Made in Python with the PyCord library. Uses OpenAI's GPT-3 API to generate text.


Allows you to ping users connected to any voice channel in your Discord server by @pinging the channel's name. Built on top of Discord's Python py-cord library.